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Teaching and learning are a vital part of the human experience.

Teaching and learning are pivotal in shaping the human experience. The advent of AI has great potential to undermine original thinking and the ability to assess student learning outcomes.

Integrating AI into classrooms can benefit both students and educators, and the time is now to understand and shape AI's place in education.

That's why educators worldwide are joining us to protect the integrity of student learning, critical thinking, and fair assessment.

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Students, teachers, and administrators can join NOW as an individual in any individual category.

"Now we are more inclined to speak of information than of learning and to think of how information is transmitted rather than how learning might transform and be transformed by the atmospheres of a given mind. We may talk about the elegance of an equation, but we forget to find value in the beauty of thought."

–Marilynne Robinson, The Givenness of Things: Essays

Blue Water

But we will not let it pull us under.

Humans are resilient and possess an innate desire to lead fulfilling lives and connect with others. Honesty and the ability to express ourselves while embracing innovation are values most of us hold dearly. Embracing and advocating for these values is precisely what we are doing.

The tide may be pulling us all out.

A powerful tide is pulling society in a troubling direction. Unable to discern between AI and human content, we are heading toward a world in which everyone–by default–will assume whatever they're reading, seeing, and hearing was probably created by AI–unless proven otherwise. This is a massive problem.