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About the Label

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Number 1

Sign the standard.

The standards simply say a human, not a machine, created the content. Adopt a standard in your area. You can choose from writer, visual artist, musician, voice actor, or organization. You can join us as an advocate.

Each standard is accompanied by a document of definitions for clarity.

We'll ask a few questions about you and your creative process. It takes less than two minutes.

​Once you agree to a Standard, you are licensed to use the VerifiedHuman™ Label for a year.

You'll get a Welcome Email with info about how to use the label on your brand, created content, website, and other media or products. (It's like a Fair Trade Label but for created content.)

By using this label, you let the world know your content is genuinely human-made. It's a simple step that will make a big difference!

Get the label.

Number 2

Show the world you created it.

Number 3
Blue Water

But we will not let it pull us under.

Humans are resilient and possess an innate desire to lead fulfilling lives and connect with others. Honesty and the ability to express ourselves while embracing innovation are values most of us hold dearly. Embracing and advocating for these values is precisely what we are doing.

The tide may be pulling us all out.

A powerful tide is pulling society in a troubling direction. Unable to discern between AI and human content, we are heading toward a world in which everyone–by default–will assume whatever they're reading, seeing, and hearing was probably created by AI–unless proven otherwise. This is a massive problem.

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