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AI's widespread use diminishes the recognition of individual contributions to our civilization's knowledge and functioning. As AI relies on accumulated human knowledge, it's crucial to acknowledge the countless efforts that have shaped our modern world. This raises the question of how we can support those who can't compete with AI, ensuring they have access to basic living standards.


The consuming application of AI in all aspects of modern life pushes aside the contributions--both past and present, made to the functions of our civilization(s)--by individuals as a used tissue. The source material for AI is the fount of knowledge left behind by the millions of minds that have created the knowledge of how to assimilate, collect source materials, and make the entire scope of those who have lived on planet Earth as we do. ​ The comfort, convenience, utility, and transference of people, things, ideas, and information today is the result of innumerable decades of effort, wherein the individual, no matter how insignificant a contribution, was paid or acknowledged to maintain a functioning lifestyle. Eliminating the individual for AI, whose forecast contributions to a majority of human activities will render them forfeit, evokes the question: How can we provide the minimum living standards to those who cannot compete with electronically automated synthesized thought from the recorded human experience?

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