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VERIFIEDHUMAN™ Launches First-of-Kind Model for AI-Human Differentiation in Creative Work

VERIFIEDHUMAN™ is a standards-based validation model for protecting human-created work AND the public.

UNITED STATES, DATE – VERIFIEDHUMAN™, a US-based think tank, has released a values-based model for AI-human differentiation in creative media production – covering writing, visual arts, and music. The model provides guidelines and best practices to help artists and consumers be sure that the use of AI in content creation is honest and transparent.

AI's capabilities and proliferation have been rapid, as has everyone's access to it. Artists, publishers, and others involved in writing, music, photography, and other visual arts are concerned about how AI-created content impacts their work and revenue. While AI can be a powerful tool for enhancing creativity and productivity, its use in the creative process must also be transparent.


The model released by VERIFIEDHUMAN™ seeks to address these concerns by providing a "human-centered, values-based" framework for AI-human collaboration in all forms of creative media. It addresses the need for transparency and human oversight in the use of AI and provides standards for ensuring that humans initiate and remain in control of the creative process. VERIFIEDHUMAN™ has developed standards for WRITERS, authors of written work, VISUAL ARTISTS, creators of visual work, and MUSICIANS and composers of music or rhythms. Content creators agree to a standard and are licensed to use the label, signifying their commitment to integrity.


The model does not rely on tech policing, copyright enforcement, or laws but depends upon the value of human trust. VERIFIEDHUMAN™ Founder Micah Voraritskul explains, "As FairTrade® is for coffee and other products, VERIFIEDHUMAN™ is for creative output. Our verification system is rooted in creators valuing the trust of their audience and being honest about how they make their work," Voraritskul added. "They're stepping up and saying, 'I am the PERSON who made this for you.' Are some going to break trust? Maybe, but we think most value it. So, it's worth doing."


VERIFIEDHUMAN™ will actively monitor the use of the label to maintain its integrity. "We like the notion of 'Trust but verify,'" said Voraritskul, adding that VERIFIEDHUMAN™ will be conducting regular and ongoing verification checks with members and may cancel membership, revoke the right to use the label, and alert the public if they discover the standards have been knowingly violated.


"We get it. Creative publishers, associations, and businesses want to save jobs, but they must also leverage technology to stay competitive," Voraritskul stated. "They can do both. Also, students and educators worldwide are struggling with AI's role in the classroom. Education is learning how to think and articulate what you think. Wouldn't it be great if people could use AI without feeling like they had to hide it? We know that's possible."


VERIFIEDHUMAN™ also works with leaders committed to protecting human jobs to develop educational and business standards.


In addition to adding new members to the VERIFIEDHUMAN™ think tank, it will partner with associations, companies, and other organizations in the creative space. VH will also work with 3rd-party auditing groups to develop a VERIFIEDHUMAN™ Gold Standard Label.


VERIFIEDHUMAN™ also enthusiastically supports AI, realizing its enormous potential to improve everyday life and advancement in medicine, science, food production, and nearly every other field. Yet, it also recognizes the urgent need for a clearly articulated ethic and standard to help guide how we create, write, visualize, compose, and source their media.


VERIFIEDHUMAN™ is an evolving collection of leaders, educators, industry experts, and creatives dedicated to supporting responsible AI development and utilization worldwide.



Media Contact
Micah Voraritskul, Founder
(804) 928-1240

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