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VerifiedHuman™ Musician

"Singing is also an act of self care."

Cacala Carvalho, a Brazilian artist from Rio de Janeiro, is a singer, songwriter, and acoustic guitarist. She is preparing to release a new album true to her bossa nova roots, influenced by jazz and Brazilian pop with a touch of rock 'n' roll. Cacala is part of several music groups, including the award-winning samba group Arranco de Varsóvia. She has released 11 albums and is currently performing a mix of her latest album and other Brazilian songs on stage. She is also paying tribute to Gilberto Gil, with a recording in duo with pianist João Braga. Cacala's new authorial album will soon be launched by her own label, Zênitha Música.



Cacala's music explores both the buoyancy and squalor of the human experience.

Meet our friend, Cacala–

A brilliant Brazilian singer-songwriter & producer.

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