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David Hollandsworth


VerifiedHuman™ Musician

"Instrumentation is paramount when it comes to expression, much like having the right sized paint brush."

David Hollandsworth's reportore is so expansive, we can't wrap our heads around it. He composes production scores for film, television, radio, and advertising, and also music for meditation, reflection and deep focus. David's work has been the soundscape for an incredible array of programming on CBS, Discovery, Oxygen, Spike, Bravo, TLC, Lifetime, VH1, NBC Sports, the History Channel, independent documentaries, and feature films.



David brings music into the world not only with his phenomenal ear but with his compassionate sensibilities. He has collaborated with Bart Music Library in Poland and has composed touching work in solidarity with the suffering in Ukraine.

Meet our friend, David–

A brilliant American musician & composer.

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