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Jeremy Boyd


VerifiedHuman™ Visual Artist

“Being able to distinguish genuine human creation from ai-generated content is super important for creators and their customers, collectors and appreciators. I believe there is a place for both AI and human-generated creative, but the ability to differentiate is key for them to co-exist in harmony."

Jeremy DV Boyd has been working as a professional graphic designer & illustrator since 1995. Formally trained, he’s held Creative Director and Senior Designer positions, as well as freelanced for many of the top creative agencies in London, Sydney, Perth and Adelaide. Jeremy has been a council member of the Design Institute of Australia (DIA) and the Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA). He's currently an independent creative for hire offering boutique graphic design & illustration services. Visit Jeremy's site.



Jeremy is not only a gifted artist who exemplifies grit, heart, follow-thru, and organic sensibility, he's a person whose instincts we trust.

Meet our friend, Jeremy–

A brilliant Australian illustrator & designer.

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