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Cacala Carvalho

"Singing is also an act of self care."

Cacala Carvalho

VerifiedHuman® Musician


Cacala Carvalho is a singer, songwriter, and acoustic guitarist from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She is well-known for her bossa nova music style, which is influenced by jazz and Brazilian pop with a hint of rock 'n' roll. In addition to her solo career, Cacala is also a member of various music groups, including the award-winning samba group Arranco de Varsóvia. With 11 albums to her name, she often performs a combination of her latest album and other Brazilian songs on stage, paying tribute to Gilberto Gil by recording a duet with pianist João Braga. Her label, Zênitha Música, is preparing to release her new authorial album soon.

Meet our friend, Cacala–

A brilliant Brazilian songwriter & producer.


Cacala's music explores both the buoyancy and squalor of the human experience.

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