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Virginia educators grapple with how best to use AI

Capital News | Daily Press I Fall 2023

Governor Glenn Youngkin of Virginia has issued an executive directive that emphasizes the responsible, ethical, and transparent usage of artificial intelligence (AI) in state government, job creation, and education. According to a survey, 60% of college students have not been taught how to use AI ethically by their higher education instructors. The role of AI in education is a topic that educators, including those at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), are grappling with. VCU is seeking feedback from faculty to understand AI's impact on their classrooms and creating an advisory council to provide guidance for professors.

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Lee University | VerifiedHuman™

People win.

Torch Magazine I Summer 2023

VerifiedHuman® Lee University Torch Magazine

Cheating or Adapting?

Debating the ethical lines for AI in higher education

Richmond Magazine I Fall 2023

VerifiedHuman® Richmond Magazine
VerifiedHuman® Richmond Magazine

Rhythms and Algorithms: The God of Words and the Importance of Imago Dei in the Age of Generative AI
CHAI Forum | Fall 2023

ABSTRACT: As Generative AI reshapes our creative landscape, discerning the boundaries between machine ingenuity and human touch becomes increasingly nuanced. Join us to explore the interplay between AI and human creativity with Micah Voraritskul, founder of VerifiedHuman™, a company focused on AI-human differentiation in creative media. This talk will underscore the importance of distinguishing between machine-generated and human-created content, touching on the profound Judeo-Christian concept of imago dei.

We'll look at how generative AI is seeping into various aspects of our lives, raising questions about how we perceive, consume, and create content. The discussion will touch on implications for organizations and industries, ethical considerations, and the essence of being a creator in this crazy, evolving AI landscape.

VerifiedHuman® CHAI Babel

How VerifiedHuman™ Uses | Jan 2024

Discover how VerifiedHuman leverages Originality.AI to address the challenge of distinguishing human-authored content from AI-generated content, with a focus on supporting educators and schools.

VERIFIEDHUMAN™ lança o primeiro modelo do gênero para diferenciação entre IA e humanos no trabalho criativo
Radio Shiga | Fall 2023

O VERIFIEDHUMAN™, um grupo de estudos com sede nos EUA, lançou um modelo baseado em valores para a diferenciação entre IA e humanos na produção de mídia criativa – abrangendo escrita, artes visuais e música. O modelo fornece diretrizes e práticas recomendadas para ajudar artistas e consumidores a terem certeza de que o uso de IA na criação de conteúdo é honesto e transparente.

VerifiedHuman® Radio Shiga


Thriving as a Publisher and Author in an AI-assisted World

Webinar I Summer 2023

Join us on July 11th as Jon Hirst leads a panel of experts in the MAI webinar Thriving as a Publisher and Author in an AI-assisted World.

Artificial Intelligence has already dramatically begun disrupting the publishing industry. Just like when the Internet was introduced, publishers can thrive even in the midst of significant disruption by understanding the challenges and taking advantage of the opportunities that a major technological shift brings. Hear from experts who can speak to what is already happening and what is coming, and receive insight and encouragement from those who are also navigating this exciting path of exploration and innovation.

VerifiedHuman® SIL MAI
VerifiedHuman® SIL MAI
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