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  • As a member of VerifiedHuman®, you join a diverse collective of creative artists, educators, researchers, writers, publishers, visual artists, voice actors, and musicians. Our goal is to celebrate and uphold your human creativity in an era where generative AI is increasingly prevalent. By being part of this community, you stand out in affirming the unique value of human work. Our mission


    New! Human-AI Spectrum

    We understand that many creators (including us) use AI in their creative process and use hardware and software tools embedded with AI.  We support this but see the need to give creators a clear way to delineate their work from AI.  As a new part of our labeling, creators can use a numerical designation indicating the level of human-AI collaboration in the creation process.  |  Human-AI spectrum

    How the label works

    Creators (1) agree to a standard in their area, (2) get the VerifiedHuman® label to use on their brand, created content, and other media to (3) show the world they're the real human creator.

  • We established VerifiedHuman® with a vision to foster transparency, honesty, and originality in creative media. Our mission is to support you in maintaining the integrity of your work amidst the growing influence of AI in the creative process. By joining us, you're part of a movement that values and advocates for genuine human creativity.  |  Our Story  |  Why Human?  |  Dev Team  |  About VerifiedHuman®

  • Our vision at VerifiedHuman® is to create a world where your creative contributions are recognized and valued. We hope to be a voice for authenticity in an AI-driven world, supporting you in marking your work with a badge of human ingenuity and originality. Join us in our journey to keep human creativity thriving.  |  Our mission

  • VerifiedHuman® offers a values-based AI-human framework for transparent collaboration in created media. It sets standards for creators—writers, artists, musicians, and voice actors—to uphold creative integrity using the VerifiedHuman® label.

    New! We've introduced the Human-AI Spectrum as part of our labeling system, recognizing that many creators like you (and us) utilize AI in their work. This new feature allows you to indicate clearly the extent of human-AI collaboration in your creations. It’s our way of helping you transparently showcase the human touch in your work, even when AI tools are involved.  |  Human-AI Spectrum

  • Holding the VerifiedHuman® label means you’re recognized as a true creator in your field. By adhering to our standards, you get to use the VerifiedHuman® label on your brand, content, and media. This label is a powerful way to declare to the world that your work is genuinely yours, setting you apart as a real human creator.

  • Becoming a member of VerifiedHuman® is a simple process that empowers you as a creator. Just agree to uphold the standards specific to your creative field, and you can start using the VerifiedHuman® label. This label will be your badge of honor, showcasing your commitment to genuine human creativity on your brand, content, and various media platforms. Joining takes about three minutes and is currently free (or pay if you can)  Learn more

  • Absolutely! We welcome creators from all over the globe. VerifiedHuman® is not limited to the United States. Wherever you are, you can join our mission to champion human creativity. We would love for you to join our global community in valuing the human element in creation.​  |  Learn more

  • Your membership with VerifiedHuman® is designed to be a long-term commitment to authenticity in your creative work. We believe in fostering lasting relationships with creators who share our vision.​

    Advocate memberships are for good for life. Memberships for writers, visual artists, musicians, voice actors, and organizations are valid for one year from a member's join date and are renewable annually.​  |  Learn more

  • At VerifiedHuman®, we are committed to maintaining high standards of transparency and originality. We regularly review and update our standards to keep pace with the evolving creative landscape.  Regular verification checks will be conducted with members to maintain the label's integrity. Your feedback as a member is crucial in this process, ensuring our standards remain relevant and effective for all creators.

  • We embrace the principle of 'Trust but verify,' upholding the label's integrity through periodic reviews and checks (usually through a friendly email) to verify compliance with our standards. Your trust as a creator is our top priority, and we continuously work to safeguard the integrity of the label.

  • We take the integrity of the VerifiedHuman® label seriously. In cases of misuse or violation of our standards, we have a clear protocol to address the issue. This may include revoking the label and membership. We believe in upholding a high standard of honesty and originality for the benefit of all our members.

  • At VerifiedHuman®, we recognize the potential of AI to enhance the creative process. While we support the use of AI tools by creators, our focus remains on highlighting and valuing the human element in creativity. We encourage a human-centric approach, where AI is used as a tool to augment, not replace, human creativity.

  • We are always open to collaboration with other organizations that share our values and mission. We want to expand our reach and impact by partnering with like-minded groups advocating for human creativity. If you represent an organization interested in collaborating, we’d love to hear from you.  |  Contact us  |  Partner with us

  • If you have any questions or need more information about VerifiedHuman®, we're here to help. You can reach out to us through our website's contact form, email, or social media channels. We value your interest and are always ready to help you in any way we can.  |  Media inquiries

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