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Blue Washed Wall
  • VerifiedHuman is a collective of individuals from different fields encompassing the creative arts, education, research, writing, publishing, the visual arts, voice acting, and music. Our goal is to uphold the significance of human work in a world where generative AI has become a prolific force. We are not anti-AI. We are pro-human. Our validation model promotes standards for transparency, honesty, and originality in creative media production.


    Creators (1) agree to a standard, (2) are licensed to use the VerifiedHuman™ Label on their brand, created content, and other media to (3) show the world they're the real human creator.

  • We created VerifiedHuman to address concerns about AI-generated content's impact on the creative industry. As AI technology rapidly evolves and becomes more accessible, there's a need to ensure that human creativity and values remain at the forefront of artistic endeavors.  | Our Story  |   Why Human?

  • VerifiedHuman™ offers a values-based AI-human framework for transparent collaboration in created media. It sets standards for creators—writers, artists, musicians, and voice actors—to uphold creative integrity using the VerifiedHuman™ Label.

  • The VerifiedHuman™ Label signifies a commitment to values-based standards in creative work. When content creators use the label, they show their dedication to honesty, transparency, and originality.

  • VerifiedHuman™ emphasizes trust over technical policing. It encourages creators to value the trust of their audience and be honest about their work. Regular verification checks are conducted with members to maintain the label's integrity.

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  • Yes, VerifiedHuman™ is enthusiastic about AI's potential to improve various aspects of life, such as medicine, science, and food production. However, we believe a clear ethic is necessary to guide the responsible use of AI in creative endeavors.  |  More ›

  • VerifiedHuman™ actively seeks partnerships with associations, companies, and organizations within the creative and AI detection/humanization spaces. It also plans to work with 3rd-party auditing groups to develop a VerifiedHumanGold Standard Label. We would love to hear from you.  |  Contact Founder ›  |  Advocate for us ›

  • Below is our development timeline.


    SUMMER 2023

    In concert with third-party service providers, VerifiedHuman™ is developing comprehensive models for active, ongoing verification of written work for schools.  We are also piloting a membership option for organizations such as record labels, content publishers, and marketing agencies.

    FALL 2023

    VerifiedHuman™ plans to partner with public and private schools to pilot a program to verify student writing and develop recommendations for instruction, including the responsible use of AI in the teaching/learning process. See the 2023 AHA-ISW Study for more ›.


    We also plan to launch the VerifiedHuman™ Gold Standard Label, which will include active, ongoing verification of content creation for commercial writers, artists, musicians, publishers, studios, distributors, and others seeking the highest level of authentication of human-created content.


    EARLY 2024

    We plan to release a full standards-based model for entire educational institutions (for the school year 2024-2025) for ongoing annual subscriptions.

  • Feel free to reach out anytime. We'd love to hear from you.

    For media inquiries, contact Founder Micah Voraritskul.

  • Our goal is to foster a global appreciation for the inherent value of human creativity and contribution. By upholding values in creative work and embracing AI's potential while supporting human responsibility, VerifiedHuman™ seeks to ensure a future where both humans and technology can thrive.

Blue Water

But we will not let it pull us under.

Humans are resilient and possess an innate desire to lead fulfilling lives and connect with others. Honesty and the ability to express ourselves while embracing innovation are values most of us hold dearly. Embracing and advocating for these values is precisely what we are doing.

The tide may be pulling us all out.

A powerful tide is pulling society in a troubling direction. Unable to discern between AI and human content, we are heading toward a world in which everyone–by default–will assume whatever they're reading, seeing, and hearing was probably created by AI–unless proven otherwise. This is a massive problem.

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