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Wendy Ballentyne

"I find myself drawn to 'hidden treasures,' the overlooked beauties of creation, the pictures that tell a story, the amazing details of everyday life."

Wendy Ballentyne

VerifiedHuman® Visual Artist


Wendy is from Calgary, Canada, but she's a global citizen. She spent the first 16 years of her life in India, the next 12 years around Canada, and most of the balance primarily in Manila, Philippines, where she worked with her husband to help raise hundreds of children of missionaries. Now, back in Calgary, Wendy is able to pursue her passion for art. We think it remarkable that Wendy has never been formally trained–she just comes by it naturally.

Meet our friend, Wendy–

A brilliant Canadian painter.


Wendy has an eye for details most of us miss but she's also got a heart for people that most of us need.

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