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Nath Tyer

"Songwriting is about putting yourself at the mercy of the moment you're in." –Pat Barrett

Natalie Tyer

VerifiedHuman® Musician


Natalie Tyer, also known as Nath, is a folk-pop singer/songwriter from Richmond, Virginia. She released her debut EP, "Sirens," in 2014, followed by her first full-length album, "The Flames That Forge Us," in 2016, and another EP, "Nath," in 2020. Since the release of her latest EP, she has been busy releasing various singles and a live-recorded EP, collaborating with other artists, and co-hosting the Ignited VA Writer's Rounds in Richmond. She has also written for The Giving Notes Project and is currently writing on commission for others. She is working on her next full-length album, which she hopes to record and release next year.

Meet our friend, Natalie–

A shimmering American singer-songwriter.


Nath's voice is crystal clear, her guitar touch is impeccable, and her lyrics express an unyielding sense of optimism in our journey through life, love, and search for meaning.

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