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Incredibly helpful model for creators like me and my partners...

"Finally, there is someone addressing the critical issues surrounding AI, distinguishing between human-generated and computer-generated AI projects. Micah has carefully crafted a verification service that I know will be incredibly useful to creators like me and my partners."


Emmy Nominated Docu-Series, The Good Road

Good All Over ›

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The Philanthropy Journal


Belltower Pictures ›

Shockoe Records 

Craig Martin

Advocating for the value of  human trust...

"2023 will be remembered as a pivotal year for our relationship with technology. AI will continue to amplify and accelerate human innovation in positive ways. Algorithmic art generated via data farming will inevitably serve some, driven by economic efficiency and the market's desire for instant gratification. Wide adoption of the VerifiedHuman™ label defends and advocates for human creativity by weaponizing the uniquely human behavior of trust."

This current effort will have a huge impact...

"I have known the Founder of VerifiedHuman™ for over two decades. At his core, he is a tireless visionary who can make interesting connections that others only see after Micah describes. This current effort will have a huge impact as we move forward with shocking speed alongside technology that will forever alter how we interact as humans."


Virginia Commonwealth University

Ph.D. Texas A&M

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Corporate Governance & The Firm


XBRL Essentials

Carolyn Norman

Honest media in an age of instant creation and communication...

"Global events of the past few years have tested our ability to verify the origins of goods, ads, and news. It is vital to safeguard our trust in media and communications. AI can be a powerful tool, but it can also be grossly misused. The promise creators make by certifying their work VerifiedHuman™, as fully human-made, assisted by AI, or a hybrid, will provide truth in sourcing what we see, hear, and read."


Revizzy ›

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Jim Washok

VerifiedHuman™ preserves the one human thing...

“AI will always be lacking in its ability to reproduce the essence of a story behind every human-created piece of art. VerifiedHuman™ preserves the one thing that distinguishes humans from everything else, our ability to create something real and meaningful.”


Luck Companies

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Ryan Emmons

VerifiedHuman™ is setting the stage for integrity...

"Honesty and transparency can start with us. That's what VerifiedHuman™ is at its core. This is a collective–a movement led by artists, musicians, educators, and business leaders worldwide who are setting the stage for leadership in AI integrity."


Strategy, HR, and Finance

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Laura Bowser

An important early entry into this space...

"Was it really created by a human or just a product of intelligent software? In these days, it is difficult to be assured of the integrity of any created product.  VerifiedHuman™ is an important early entry into this space, helping assure us of human creation and actual protected intellectual property in a world of confusing, programmatic creativity."


Forsyth Descendants Foundation

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Durwood Snead

Guardians of transparency of human creative contribution...

"We are past a tipping point. Artificial Intelligence and generative AI are challenging and redefining human value and contribution to ideas and intellectual property. It is critical that organizations and platforms like VerifiedHuman™ help guide, inform, and be guardians of transparency of human creative contribution to the world ahead of us."

Glen Sheehan


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 Glen Sheehan

Confidence and credibility in creative expression...

"Creative expression is central to what it means to be human. Subscribing to the standards set by VerifiedHuman™ will enable confidence and credibility in the exchange between artists, authors, and educators and their various constituencies."


Simeon Leadership Group

Daniel Allen Coaching ›

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Daniel Allen

The framework between human innovation and pre-trained AI...

Generative AI is an inflection point in the history of human development. No longer can we assume that stories, songs, or works of art are solely the product of human creativity and artistic endeavor.  Establishing a system for distinguishing between human innovation and pre-trained AI outputs is essential. VerifiedHuman™ is this system–a commitment to transparency in AI-assisted content creation and recognizing the significance of differentiating between human and model-generated outputs, particularly regarding their value.


Kyndryl NA

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Bill Farnham

Authenticity matters...

“Original human-created visual art & the authentic human-written word matter and must be protected. I am verifying all my future work with VerifiedHuman™ starting today.”


Lux Basics

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Anna Woloshko

Harnessing the power of AI in service to humanity...

VerifiedHuman™ is a huge step in harnessing the power of AI in service to humanity and not the other way around. By knowing what is made by a human and what is made by a machine, we can build checks, balances, and fair systems to further accelerate human progress.”


Josh McManus

Made by people for people...

"Creativity—art, writing, music, design—is most powerful because it's something made by people for other people. Creativity enriches life. While AI can be beneficial, there is still a need and a place for genuine human expression. VerifiedHuman™ helps promote and celebrate our core ambition."


Paul Rustand

VerifiedHuman™ helps human live responsibly and ethically...

"The world is changing before our eyes and will continue to change. VerifiedHuman™ addresses with substance the one unchanging part of the equation–human beings trying to live responsibly and ethically. Regardless of what technological solutions come, we will always need the human element - verified!"


Author and Podcaster

Space for Life ›

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Tommy Thompson

Being fully human...

“There is a great need in all of us to know the heart and soul of being fully human. VerifiedHuman™ is safeguarding it.”


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Bob Laughlin

Preserving the last gift...

"The last gift an artist has to give this world is their art. Without art, the artist is forgotten too quickly. VerifiedHuman™ is a time stamp to ensure artists are remembered."


Casey Templeton

Unique work must be protected at all costs...

"VerifiedHuman™ has launched at just the right time in this rapidly changing world of technology. The unique work of artists, students, and businesses must be supported and protected at all costs. VerifiedHuman values the vital role of  technology and innovation, but most importantly, values people.”

VerifiedHuman™ provides an ethical framework to follow...

"Story makes up the fabric of human existence. Technology is important, but it lacks the authentic, raw, vulnerable stories that make up our uniquely human experiences. Without story, life has no luster, originality, or color. As a musician, I see VerifiedHuman™ helping ensure that my stories and creative work stay connected. As an educator, the model allows me and my students to right-size technology's role in our lives, provides an ethical framework to follow, and reminds us of what it means to be truly human. VerifiedHuman™ is the solution I didn't know existed until now."


Foreign Language Teacher ›

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Emily Roig

Now and for future generations...

"Creativity in communication and creation is a unique part of our human experience. We should celebrate these in our life, work, and education. VerifiedHuman™ is vital to elevate these values as we navigate new digital landscapes now and for future generations."


Multimedia, Film, and Communications

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Michael Hodges

VerifiedHuman™ is helping us walk the line...

"In a world where human-created original art is being replaced by AI spinoffs like cane sugar was replaced by high fructose corn syrup, I say, "No!"  No, to copy-cat ripoffs. VerifiedHuman™ is helping us walk the line. Sure, all artists borrow from the art and artistry of past artists, but AI pays no homage or price. AI art of any sort is not authentic."


President Emeritus Louverture Cleary School of Haiti | Recipient of Brown University's Award for Public Service and Pierre Toussaint Medallion

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Patrick Moynihan

The rhythm of the human condition...

"As artificial intelligence mirrors our competencies and technology disrupts old norms, the human narrative grounds us. VerifiedHuman™ will assist us in navigating accelerating change. Our shared chronicles are inked not in circuits and code, but in the living, pulsating rhythm of the human condition."


Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts

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His work on Avatar (2009) and Jurassic Park (1993)

TyRuben Ellingson

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