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Dean Allen

"To be legitimately creative requires effectively communicating a meaningful idea, story, or mood by taking disparate elements and combining them in ways that others may not ever try."

Dean Allen

VerifiedHuman® Visual Artist


Dean's passion for mountains began in his Colorado childhood. Following personal tragedy and unfulfilling jobs, he turned to photographing mountains for therapeutic release. Dedicated to perfecting wilderness photography skills, he excels in navigating harsh winter conditions. Dean explores and shares the beauty of creation through his brand, Creation Images, aiming to inspire faith. As an artist, he intertwines the outer landscape with his inner emotions, using visual tools intentionally to convey stories and moods in his photos.

Meet our friend, Dean–

A natural American photographer.


Dean was so passionate about exploring his creativity that he quit his day job and is now a full-time wilderness photographer. He brings incredible images of creation from places most of us could never otherwise see. 

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