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Gemini vs ChatGPT - it's not even close.

Gemini vs. ChatGPT

Takeaways: For now, ChatGPT is still the king of general knowledge.


Google's December 2023 release of Gemini was a heralded event since Google's brand recognition for big data is unmatched. The industry's leading platform for writing, up until the time, was ChatGPT 4 (released March 2023). Even with nine months between the two, for the applications I have found most intensive and valuable, ChatGPT is still miles ahead of Gemini.

I am not talking about the quality of image generation, the ability to solve equations or to code. I am just talking about accessing and presenting general knowledge.

Over the past three months, I have been conducting extensive historical research on the evolution of human and digital communications - human and AI writing, human and AI image creation, human and AI music composition & songwriting, and human and AI vocal reproduction. 

In hundreds (maybe thousands) of A/B testing queries I have conducted, Chat's insights are richer almost every time; its detail is more helpful, and its ability to organize large bodies of related ideas remains unmatched by Gemini.

That is not to say Gemini is a scrub. It's solid. But Gemini still appears sophomoric against its collegiate-level big brother.

In the interest of keeping this post brief, I won't include examples. I'll leave it there.

The article yesterday about Google's apology, which amounted to something like, We are sorry Gemini has recently been, because of its training bias, unable/unwilling to create images of white people, opting only to generate images of Blacks, Latinos, Asians, or Native Americans, caused a lot of brow furrowing. As a half-white, half-Asian, I was ambivalent but amused about this historical twist.

The truth is stranger than fiction.



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