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Again, it's up to you. Here are some ideas if you want to display VerifiedHuman™ on your work. Let it breathe. Try to keep at least 1/2 a word or image width of space between the label and the edges of your work. It just needs a little air.

Dark wordmark and light logo

dark wordmark option

light logo option

Light logo and light wordmark

light wordmark option

light logo option

Light wordmark option

light wordmark option

On written work

logo option on written work


Using the VerifiedHuman™ Label (the wordmark or logo) does NOT necessarily mean you or your work complies with the standard. However, using the label is the same as telling others you comply with the standard.


Be sure you're a VerifiedHuman™ Artist, Writer, or Musician before using the VerifiedHuman™ label. We only grant usage permission to those who have accepted the applicable standard agreement. If you arrived at this page from the Welcome email we sent you, you're good to go.

WRITING OR TYPING "VerifiedHuman™"

+ VerifiedHuman™ < this is a font called Proxima Nova Bold. If you have it installed, it's the original font. This is best.

+ VerifiedHuman™  ...this is a font called Helvetica Bold. It works almost as well.

+ VerifiedHuman™ ...this is a font called Arial (in bold). It works almost as well.

+ If you're typing using a typewriter, writing by hand, or working with text in ways where font selection is difficult. We get it. Just represent the letters as closely as you can.

+ You can use fonts with serifs VerifiedHuman™ < like this, but only if necessary.

+ You can use all-caps VERIFIEDHUMAN™ < like this, but only if necessary.


There are several ways to get most computers to write the trademark symbol › the little TM or ™.

+ These work MOST of the time.

1. Type (tm) or (TM to display the trademark ™ symbol.

2. On a Mac, type Option + "2".

+ These work EVERY time.

1. Find the TM in your symbols font(s). Copy and paste.

2. If you're using a computer, use the mouse to highlight this > ™ < symbol, copy and paste it around in several places you frequent, then it's just hanging out, waiting to be useful.

3. You can visit sites like Copy and Paste Symbols to get ™s and other symbols.



+ You can represent VerifiedHuman™ in BLACK, WHITE, or any shade of GRAY.

+ The only color approved for use in the VerifiedHuman Label is Burnt Orange

+ Hex #CC5500 | RGB 204, 85, 0



These PNGs have transparent backgrounds.  We put a gray box behind the white PNG so we can see it against the white background.

Copy image or right click and Save image as...

VH txt BK
VH txt G
VH txt WH


VH txt O
VH label B
VH label ORWH
VH label WHT

You are welcome to Download all labels or copy + paste the images below as needed. 

VH label WHO

It's up to you.

If you want to display the VerifiedHuman™ Label on your work, here are some things to keep in mind.

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