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#23 | HUMAN NATURE | The Ever-Evolving Enigma

  1. Human Nature - Our understanding of human nature continues to evolve, reflecting an ever-expanding array of human capabilities and behaviors that remain to be explored and explained.

  2. The Duality of Humanity - From remarkable achievements to self-defeating decisions, the complexity of human nature encompasses both the boundless potential for good and the perplexing tendencies toward discord and conflict.


What has not been said about human nature will be said in time since it is a subject that appears to be a self-sustaining entity with more explanations to come. Life extends the variety and interactions with what is possible, and the choices made by humans open its participation in more activities, revealing unknown capacities. The limits are not defined nor disclosed in many areas of thought, word, or deed, so what comes after space flight, mechanical hearts, super intelligence, social media, and fake meat? Or intolerance, prejudice, genocide, sex trafficking, disinformation, political violence, and extra-judicial invasion with war?

Yet manifested in the spectrum of involvement are love, caring, helping, childbearing, elder care, EMTs, non-profit NGOs, universal education, and more. There is also the tragedy of humans receiving and concluding that a particular idea is just the answer to their weariness with solving the problems of every compromising day and committing to self-defeating conclusions. None of this is conclusive, and in that fungibility appears to be the crux of the mystery, humans are irascible when stymied.



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