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#25 | DIFFERENCE | The Illusion of Novelty in Artificial Intelligence

  1. AI's Limited Creativity: AI lacks the ability to discover new knowledge or foresee the future, as it relies on existing data and patterns.

  2. AI Reinforces Existing Ideas: AI tends to perpetuate existing ideas and biases, potentially reinforcing misinformation.

  3. AI as a Propaganda Tool: AI can be used for propaganda by inundating people with content to distract or discredit, highlighting the importance of clearly labeling AI-generated content.



Artificial Intelligence is presented as a different medium to be used and appreciated for its novelty and power. Yet, on closer examination, it appears that it is a reworking of old-hat discoveries and prejudices. Since it cannot “discover” new things because it only looks to the past and does not forecast a future except to stretch current thinking in proscribed paths, it is locked into the currency of now and the past.


It also seems to carry with it hints, or carry through past ideas, prejudices, opinions, observations, forecasts, delusions, misinformation, protest, criticism, et al., that appear well defined and au courant but are on close look, delivered to be old hat. There is no ‘doubt’ in AI only the elements of pre-published data satisfy a closely defined search parameter. So how do we experience the miracle of Einstein’s E=mc2 or deal with the Lorentz conjecture? They are presented in simple algebra but create a world of understanding. Can AI think outside the ‘box”? Methinks not. Given the above, what is its real purpose or use?

It is a way of re-shuffling known information into a new presentation to satisfy a set of parameters with a mission to explain or highlight a specific area that is also grasped. It can also gaslight an area for emphasis to reveal or disparage a selected event or revelation. Since highlighted happenings can be deluged with in-distractible images and words to deflect actions, as a propaganda tool, it is almost indispensable when used to disqualify thoughts, comments, or deeds. In the ordinary course of events and happenings with humanity, it would be better if AI was a Disney cartoon and presented the entertaining actions and words as fantasy, over the top, to be able to re-engage reality immediately rather than being confused or misinformed. That recognition factor can be a watermark on any AI that specifies its source from a simple letter, like V, or a massive explication of a scientific happening or a scripted novel set in time and place in the programmer’s mandate. Any use of AI other than “marked” should be a felony of “sabotaging the peace and flow of lawful activity.” Well, not in my lifetime.


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