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#10 | CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE IS SUSPECT | How AI Quietly Shapes Reality and Alters Decision-Making

  1. Invisible AI Influence: AI has become deeply ingrained in our lives, with much of its impact going unnoticed by the average person. Its subtle influence affects our thinking, attitudes, decisions, and information consumption, often without awareness.

  2. Shift in Decision-Making: AI-driven influences are reshaping our choices, eroding the human component of our judgment, and swaying our commitments towards pre-programmed alternatives. This shift raises questions about the authenticity of our decisions.

  3. Altered Reality for Future Generations: The growing prevalence of AI-driven information sources may lead future generations to grow up in an altered reality, where political agendas and deception could shape their beliefs more than the recorded stability of human history. This raises concerns about the potential misinformation for future generations.


It is difficult to be sanguine about the saturation rate of A.I. in our daily lives, probably 95% of which is unknown and indecipherable to the ordinary citizen. Its insidious influences are subtle and innocuous to the point that the change in thinking, attitude, direction, decision choices, and informing has already crept into the body politic and daily information dissemination. It devalues the former human component of our judgment and assigns our former decisions to a pre-programmed alternative to sway our commitments.


In effect, we are living in a world now where our choices are defined by someone else’s influences and not the factual reality of our own hurly-burly life we lead with our minds. “He/she is to blame” is now subject to the question, “…was that me? I think not !!”.

Circumstantial evidence is now suspect. If you have first-hand knowledge, it must be the human original, not the processed original, to assign provenance. The difficulties are legion, and the problems are primarily incongruous with established reality. Future generations will be nurtured in an alternate reality that will quietly misinform them, as their sources deceive them, to believe the political needs of the moment and not the recorded stability of human folly.



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