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REGULATION OF AI | Balancing Automation and Ethics

  1. AI should primarily used for managing inanimate tasks, benefiting from structured processes and intervention in case of failures, and not mimicking animate behavior.

  2. Given its uncontrollable expansion, there is urgency in regulating AI: rules and guidelines to protect human life, interactions, nature, and the planet. Specifically, there should be an immediate halt to AI use in social and broadcast media until comprehensive regulations are established to prevent AI from manipulating truth to the detriment of many for the gain of a few.


As a personal preference, I would like AI used for all inanimate things that could benefit from being guided by strict formulaic systems, processes, monitoring, scheduling, and alerting intervention when there are failures, for example, All uses, attempts to modify or perform, mimic or deceive animate behavior to look like it is real should be disallowed, to support of the existence of each other in its natural state.


The above is already out of control, and there is no way for it to be reversed. Regulation should follow a guiding premise that protects the fragile aspect of human life and all of its interactions with itself, nature, and the planet we inhabit. The use of AI in social media and broadcast media is a forgone conclusion that should be stopped immediately until rules of the road, boundaries, strictures, and usage guidelines are formulated. Since this is not likely to happen, the most significant damage will be done in those situations where the truth creates suffering for the many and the financial or political gain for the very few.

The greatest damage will be to the universal grasp that the truth is sacrosanct in our lives, and that lies and deceit are the victims' bane. It is a good omen that the world has woken up to AI's invasive and strangling capacity to supplant our angels' higher motives for power and greed. One can hope and continue to communicate and prevent or sideline a virus for humanity in the march of time.



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