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TRUTH EXISTS. LIES ARE INTENTIONAL. | Decoding Deception: Navigating Truth & Lies in the Age of AI

  1. Truth is the foundation of understanding and cooperation in society, serving as a common reference point.

  2. Intentional or unintentional deception erodes trust and can lead to harmful consequences.

  3. Misinformation and lies can distort reality and undermine the societal fabric built on trust and shared facts, particularly when propagated by AI or individuals.


Truth exists.Lies are intentional.​Alternative facts are false. (We have Kellyanne Conway to thank for the oxymoron).​The world works based on agreeing on what are facts.​Conflict ensues when two or more people cannot agree and not even agree to disagree.​Deception of humankind can be intentional and unintentional. It can be so subtle to be missed and massive to create tragedy, mayhem, and destruction. It is selfish and self-serving and achieved by manipulation to divert from the truth of it. AI that is not "certified" to be represented as close to the best truth available or currently accepted achieves its aims through deception. This diversion from reality creates an alternate reality known best by its purveyors and only revealed enough to capture someone on faith alone that it is real. It achieves saliency through massive repetition, constant exposure, and regular rituals and routines to concretize its potency. Any deviations invite ridicule and threat of expulsion from the safety of group effort.


Deception of the machine type writ large is purely intentional since the original purpose is to follow a set number of protocols or inherent instructions to a definite result, each time without variation and tolerances within quality control standards. Deception would be a "virus" or other disturbance that "ruins" the output unusable, wasting time and materials, upsetting logistics downstream, and money wasted. Sabotage.​Misinformation, misapprehension, lies, and mistruths are always dangerous since they modify expectations and destroy faith in relying on a system of truthful conclusions; in a word, they destroy reality. If you will pardon me, my mother railed against me to always tell her the truth because it is the only way she can protect me in the real world, and she has been there longer than I have been. Unfortunately, purveyors of AI misinformation are performing an ego trip of conspiracy theories given as facts while relying on their world of consistency, reliability, and predictability to transmit their lies. In effect, they are hypocrites of their own volition.



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